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Meloman Elettronica is a Florentine company that was born in 1999 from a business project of Marco Melone, the experience gained over the years, has allowed us to be able to offer complete and professional services. We carry out technological projects starting from the idea up to the materialization of the product. We create the hardware taking care to integrate quality components thinking about their life over time, we write the firmware thinking about making sure that it does not get stuck, we make sure that the software becomes a simplification not a limitation.

One day an old man told me: the work is done with the eyes, then with the hands ...

Observe the problem, understand the need, dream the solution

Meloman Elettronica since 1999

Services and skils


Hardware design - PCB:

•Equipment interfaces (rs232, rs485, USB).
• Radio and telemetry systems (Esp12 / 32, Lora).
• PWM for motor control, heaters and illuminators.
• Equipment for stabilization and feedback with accelerometers and gyroscopes.
• Light, rain, humidity, pressure, etc. sensor interfaces.
• Remote control.
• Audio systems.
• CV production and optical inspection checks.
• Home automation for Google Home and Alexa.


Firmware for micro controller

• Design with MCU Microchip, Atmel, Arduino.
• Programming languages ​​used for generate the firmware:MPLAB XC8, XC16, XC32, Arduino IDE.
• Firmware industrialization.


Software design and development

• PC software with Visual Studio, QT, C ++, Basic.
• Python Software development for embedded system and for test (example Raspberry PI with Hardware related interface and made by us).
• App development for Smartphone through Android Studio, Onesignal for notification alert management.

IOT-Industry 4.0

• IOT system ESP8266
and ESP32.

• Systems and solutions for 4.0 industry.


• Development, installation, service, maintenance and test for military systems.

• Installation maintenance wiring for civil and industrial electrical, LAN , telephone exchange and plant (in collaboration with specialized companies).
• Installation and services for video surveillance.
• Remote services (vnc, pcanyware,windows remote desktop) Pc/Server.
• PLC programming, installation and assistance.

3D Printer

Drawings with CAD software and realization of mechanical parts, containers, masks for

electronic instruments and equipment, with 3d and CNC printers.

Web - Mobile

• Implementation of Cloud and HTML5 systems for data monitoring for data collection

of sensors, statistics and industry 4.0 and IOT applications
• PHP, HTML, Boostrap and CodeIgniter
• Database MySQL
• Installation and CMS design for e-commerce
• Graphic design and website programming - creation of responsive sites - 100% adaptable and pageable for smartphones and tablets

DRONE Services

We are organizing to offer innovative services .........................................

Cooming soon!!!

Quality Without Compromise!


Work examples

  • Idea ― To product

    We are able to do a little production and prototyping of the finished product, directly in our laboratory.
  • Competence ― and professionalism

    Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward.

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